A word about finishes:

In an effort to offer you warm and authentic finishes appropriate to these wonderful lights, we employ time honored methods to apply these patinas, to the individual brass components of each fixture. This is done by hand, and thus the finish is affected by temperature, length of immersion in the chemical baths, and variations in brass alloys. We have come to love these minor variations in color, which look so in keeping with vintage lighting, and we hope you will too. So even though we cannot guarantee you flawlessly even finishes (polished brass and nickel excluded), we think you will be pleased with what we can do. And if you’re not, our return policy seeks to keep you happy regardless.

Lacquer is a protective coating that can be applied to fixtures to keep them bright and shiny. But eventually it will yellow and deteriorate depending on exposure to heat and humidity. And worse, it scratches easily (often during installation) and then the unprotected brass tarnishes noticeably. We much prefer the time-honored method of waxing the brass surfaces to slow the patina process, allowing a warm antique finish to develop over time. The fixture can be returned to bright brass at any time with a modest amount of care and brass polish if desired. Expect this to add 15% to the cost of the fixture.

old gold finishOLD GOLD:
We offer a gold patina that accurately reproduces a finish that has remained popular throughout the vintage years. Softer and warmer than polished brass, it essentially accelerates the process of aging that occurs when brass is not lacquered.

We offer nickel plating on most fixtures. It was a popular finish for kitchens and baths in the years past as it still is today. It is a handsome and extremely durable finish but plating is an expensive and time-consuming process. Most fixtures require an additional week to prepare and the cost is typically 40% over the price of the fixture. You can call about pricing on nickel finishes for any fixture we manufacture.

antique brown finishANTIQUE BROWN:
This is our most popular finish. A rich, dark bronze effect that is timeless and stunning.

This finish is much softer in appearance than nickel with some variation in the overall appearance. It provides the silver look at a 15% percent savings over the nickel plating.

Available for almost all reproduction lights. It comes without a lacquer finish unless requested and will turn a golden tone over time.